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Swollen, red and bleeding gums are signs of an unhealthy mouth. In addition to bad breath, these conditions can affect your total body health, contributing to heart disease and other serious illnesses. Thanks to the many advanced treatments our periodontists offer, Wellesley Dental Arts can help you reverse — and manage — your periodontal disease. Soft tissue grafts can cover tooth roots, decrease sensitivity, or replace missing tissue from a receding gum line. Grafts can be taken from the roof of your mouth or other areas. Our Wellesley periodontist‘s expert techniques can create an effective outcome that you will enjoy for years to come.

Highly skilled and friendly, our periodontal team’s dedication to extraordinary patient care and comfort ensures high-quality results with a gentle touch. Make an appointment to find out more about how our periodontal team at Wellesley Dental Arts can help keep your gums healthy.